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 on: Today at 09:39:50 
Started by John - Last post by Pete
So where does Frances fit in?

 on: Yesterday at 19:42:48 
Started by John - Last post by alkhamhills
Rajmund Sosnowski
As spelt in Death Register

Married Rita I Wallage ΒΌ Mar 1945, Brighton

 on: Yesterday at 18:43:50 
Started by Longpockets - Last post by Longpockets
It's that time again, I hear a lot of you say has it really been three years since the last one, well, yes it has. Not long long now for our regular feast of art from Folkestone. Be sure to visit before it's to late.

Folkestone Triennial the event is detailed here for your enjoyment

 on: Yesterday at 15:56:36 
Started by John - Last post by John
Portsmouth Evening News - Thursday 16 November 1950

 on: Yesterday at 15:47:22 
Started by John - Last post by John
Surname: PALMER
Forenames/Initials: Nigel Graeme
Rank: Plt Off
Service: Royal Air Force
Service Number: 2523877
Station: RAF Filton
Date of Birth: 29 May 1930
Age: 24
Date of Death: 28 November 1954
Cemetery Name: Ship Lane Cemetery
Cemetery Address: Farnborough, Hants

Portsmouth Evening News - Thursday 09 December 1954

A Fareham inquest jury was told yesterday that injuries received by a pilot when his Vampire jet aircraft collided with another at 35,000 feet over the Isle of Wight, prevented him operating his parachute.

The jury returned a verdict of "Accidental Death" on Flying Officer (sic) Nigel Graeme Palmer (24), Royal Auxiliary Air Force, of Notton Cottage, Ashley Road, Farnborough. They also congratulated Pilot Officer John William Hunter, pilot of the other aircraft involved, on his "marvellous" escape. Pilot Officer Hunter flew his aircraft back to Filton, Bristol, where it was seen to be badly damaged and he was ordered to bale out. From 10.000 feet he landed safely by parachute.

Flying Officer Palmer was a schoolmaster at Bath. He had planned to marry on January 1.

Flying Officer Edward Leslie Banfield said he took off from Filton, Bristol with Flying Officer Palmer, and other members of the wing. Altogether, there were 11 Vampire jets, flying in two sections in battle formation at 13,000 feet. The whole formation climbed to 35,000 feet, completing two manoeuvres called "cross over tions" (sic).

"When in the Southampton area, I heard a report that one of the pilts (sic) had lost part of his plane."

James Frederick Smith, of South Street, Tichfield, said he was at Hill Head on November 28 when he saw a large number of aircraft, flying in two formations.

"There was a small puff of smoke, followed by a vivid flash. Following that, the plane went into a spiral dive, which was very slow indeed," he said, "I watched it down, but did not see anybody leave the plane."

Richard Samuel Gregory, of Stella, Bridge Road, Sarisbury, said he was in his garden when he noticed a Vampire aircraft in a spiral dive, out of control. He heard a crash and then saw the body of an airman, dressed in flying suit and "Mae West," but with no parachute or harness, fall into his garden.

Pilot Officer John William Hunter said when the formation, of which he was a member, were flying at 36,000 ft over the Isle of Wight, they were ordered to carry out a 90 degree turn to starboard. During that turn, all the pilots would be looking into the sun. About half way through it, he felt a bang in the back of his plane.

"I went partially out of control," he said. "I did not see what hit me or anything else at all. I was able to recover control and return to Filton. My aircraft was so badly damaged I was ordered to bale out."

The Coroner (Mr. R. N. Sherwell): "I think you are to be congratulated on your escape."

P.-Sgt. V. F. Eaton said, in his opinion, the impact severed the straps on Flying Officer Palmer's parachute. It seemed as though Flying Officer Palmer was unable to release the safety catch to release himself from his seat, owing to the way in which the planes collided, and the injuries he received.

Flight-Lieut. Joseph Jeffs, medical officer of R.A.F. Station Tichfield, said death, which was instantaneous, was due to fracture of the skull and brain injuries.

 on: Yesterday at 15:09:24 
Started by John - Last post by John
100 years ago today..

 on: Yesterday at 14:33:07 
Started by John - Last post by John
Forenames/Initials: Radmund
Rank: Sgt
Service: Royal Air Force
Service Number: 706193
Station: RAF Middle Wallop
Date of Birth: 21 September 1920
Age: 31
Date of Death: 25 October 1951
Grave Number: 550

Warminster & Westbury journal, and Wilts County Advertiser - Friday 02 November 1951

A single seater aircraft, which passed over Warminster on Thursday afternoon, crashed at Semley Marshes, near Tisbury. It was travelling in an easterly direction with Sergt. Rajmund (sic) Sosnowski as pilot. The plane had come from Middle Wallop. An eye witness said smoke was seen to be coming from the tail of the plane which nose dived to the ground. The pilot baled out at a low altitude but the parachute failed to open and he was killed instantaneously. The Salisbury Ambulance was called and the pilot was conveyed to the Sambourne Hospital mortuary at Warminster.

The Wiltshire Coroner (Mr. Harold Dale) formally opened an inquest at Warminster Police Station on Friday evening and issued a burial certificate.

Evidence of identification was given by Senior technician, Sergt. Frederick George Bayment, stationed at Middle Wallop, who said the deceased pilot was a naturalised British subject and as far as was known had no relatives in this country.

Flt. Lieut. A. W. Gilbert, the Medical Officer of the Unit told the Coroner that Sosnowski had multiple fractures and internal injuries. He gave the opinion that death was due to shock and hemorrhage with evidence of a fractured base of the skull.

 on: Yesterday at 14:12:20 
Started by John - Last post by John

 on: Yesterday at 08:34:31 
Started by John - Last post by alkhamhills
Charles Connell Law

Born about 1916
Buried at Auchterarder, Perth and Kinross, Scotland.

24.7.1934 Arrived Southampton from Indonesia on SS Baloeran. A student on his own, address in Scotland

Probate. Of the Cottage, Gleneagles, Perthshire, Died 25.6.1938 at Holywell, Folkestone. Confirmation of George Gray Law, Shipowner. Sealed London.

 on: Yesterday at 08:18:35 
Started by John - Last post by alkhamhills
Bonar Roy Whaley

Born 1913 British Columbia . Parents John George & Ida May

In 1916, at Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada.

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