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Author Topic: A spook at Lancing  (Read 154 times)
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Worthing Herald - Friday 26 August 1938


Story of Eerie Visitor Near Lancing

Near Lancing there is a house reputed to be haunted, and this week I was told the story of its supernatural occupant by a man who has lived in it and has seen its ghost. He is well-known in Lancing, but I'm observing his wish to allow him to remain anonymous.

"Some time ago I had a house built near Lancing and my wife and I were delighted with the prospect of living in retirement," he told me. "One morning I decided to go and light fires to air the house before moving in. Now the coal cellar was inside the house attached to the scullery, and one had to pass through a doorway to enter the kitchen. Having got some coal I started to make for the kitchen, and while I was passing through the door I was startled by the apparition of an elderly woman, who was trying to pass in the same direction as myself. I watched her pass in front of me through another door into the hall."

Wonderfully Clothed

"By her manner she conveyed that the house belonged to her, and from that moment I felt convinced that I should never live long in the house, although I had bought it and it was all that I possessed in the world."

The woman he described as being wonderfully clothed and having a graceful, early Victorian type of bearing.

"Several months later," he went on, "a lady who lived nearby called on my wife to pay her respects to her new neighbours, and my wife invited her to tea. While chatting the story of the estate on which my house was built was mentioned."

Curiosity Roused

"Our neighbour said that as a little girl she remembered how her mother was a housemaid at the 'big' house, and told us the sad story of the death of the lady. This aroused my curiosity and I told her how the lady used to wear a shawl and that she was short and of rather stout build. How did I know all this? My wife and our friend thought I was guessing, but they could not make out how I knew the story. Then we were told how the lady of the house had trusted her nephew with the financial affairs and lost the money, and the old lady died from a broken heart."

My informant told me his wife died suddenly after three years and he sold the house.

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