Author Topic: a Road hog, Some cyclists and Haywards Heath  (Read 183 times)

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a Road hog, Some cyclists and Haywards Heath
« on: July 08, 2023, 11:42:55 am »
The "road hog" is at large again. It is some little while since a case has been reported of a driver of a horse and cart running amuck with cyclists, but the incident which occupied the attention of the Haywards Heath Bench last week, is proof indeed that the road hog still exists. Along the Brighton road, a party of cyclists were proceeding peacefully, when, without any warning or provocation, a butcher deliberately rode down one of the cyclists, and then turned his horse round and drove over the machines that the other members of the party had thrown on the ground in their anxiety to get out of the way of the apparent madman. The chairman of the bench, in inflicting the maximum penalty of £ 10 and £8 costs, remarked that it was the worst case of its kind that had ever come before him. Beyond causing the damage mentioned, the driver dismounted from his cart and attacked one of the wheelmen with his whip. Considering all things, we think the man ought to have been given a term of imprisonment without the option of a fine.

Aberdare Leader 31 December 1904
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