Author Topic: Air raid on Ramsgate 24th August 1940  (Read 2852 times)

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Air raid on Ramsgate 24th August 1940
« on: August 24, 2012, 23:04:44 pm »
Today is the anniversary of the air raid on Ramsgate.

This was the heaviest raid on the town with 500 bombs dropped in just a few minutes. 31 people lost their lives, 10 were seriously injured and 49 slightly injured.

There is a good article on the raid with photos here

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Re: Air raid on Ramsgate 24th August 1940
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2013, 21:34:07 pm »
List of casualties from the raid..


Adams, Frank William, age 54, of 30, Hertford Street.
Birch, William, age 16, A.R.P. Messenger, of 24, Cannonbury Road.
Boxall, Catherine Ann, age 68, of 67, Margate Road.
Brown, John, age 19, of 20, Sussex Street.
Chantler, Albert Henry, age 57, of 109, Winstanley Crescent.
Cooper, Sidney, age 49, of 15, Camden Road.
Farley, George Edward, age 53, Air Raid Warden, of Highfield. West Dumpton.
Gifford, Albert Richard, age 59, of 1, Paradise, off the High Street.
Haggis, James Reginald, age 16, of 57, Winstanley Crescent.
Howland, Ernest, age 52, Air Raid Warden, of 18, Salisbury Avenue.
Jones, Thomas Arthur Ronald, age 26, of 5, Sussex Street.
Katler, Sarah, of 4, Camden Square.
Kember, Benjamin, age 31, of 16, Margate Road.
Kember, Mary Elizabeth, age 31, of 16, Margate Road.
Kember, Brian Benjamin, age 3, of 16, Margate Road.
Leach, Miles Wrigley, age 46, of Dhoon, Rumfields Road.
Lilley, Ivy Doreen, age 42, of 15, Margate Road.
Morris, Alfred George, age 51, of Kenwood, Hollicondane Road.
Newland, Albert Edward, age 39, of 9, Salisbury Avenue.
Page, Phillip John, age 26, of 76, West Dumpton Lane.
Plummer, Frederick Thomas, age 56, Air Raid Warden, of 1, Belmont Road.
Roddy, Cornelius, age 15, of Rosary, Vale Square.
Rowland, Gladys Joyce May, age 20, of Doric House, Westwood Road.
Ticehurst, Frederick Charles, age 36, Police Constable, of 25, Station Approach Road.
Tuckley, Joseph, age 59, Air Raid Warden, of 15, Newland Road.
Tuckley, Rose, age 69, of 15, Newlands Road.
Wells, Herbert F, Auxiliary Fire Service.
Wesley, Charles Stephen, age 16, of 22, Woodford Avenue.
Williams, Evan, age 47, of La Belle Alliance Square.


Edwards, Stephen, of 86, Crescent Road.
Goodman, Lewis Alfred, Landlord of the Seven Stars pub, Hardres Street.
Hawker, Charles Edwin, Air Raid Warden, of 57, Percy Road.
Hatcher, Mildred, of 69, Margate Road.
Holland, Lily, of 243, Margate Road.
Moore, Edward Henry James, Auxiliary Fireman, of 93, Newington Road.
Ousley, Gladys, of 15, Alexandra Road.
Smith, Joseph, of Alva Cottages, Westwood Road.
Smithers, Henry, of 81, West Dumpton Lane.
Sneesley, Mabel, of 86, Coleman Crescent.


Aiano, Edith, of 33, Chatham Street. Dawson's Commercial Hotel.
Aiano, Hazel, of 33, Chatham Street. Dawson's Commercial Hotel.
Alien, Ernest, 15, Chilton Lane.
Ambrose, Hubert, 30, Herbert Street.
Attwood, Ernest, of 11, Albion Place.
Bailey, William, of 1, Judith Villas, Pyson's Road.
Banger, Winifred, of 54, Margate Road.
Bathurst, Doris, of 49, Station Approach Road.
Blackburn, Alfred, of Westwood Road, Broadstairs.
Bushell, Employee of the Gas and Water Department.
Cook, Frederick, of 103, Winstanley Crescent.
Cook, Raymond.
Cribbens, Dennis, 13, Alma Road.
Cribbens, W, of 13, Alma Road.
Debling, William, 13, Montefiore Cottages.
Davey, Thomas Edwin, of 98, Crescent Road.
Dray, Kenneth, of 6, St. David's Road.
Edwards, Eva, (shock) of Carlisle, Gilbert Road.
Emery, Charles, of 21, Alxandra Road.
Goldfinch, Thomas Henry, of 8, Victoria Road.
Hawkes, John, of 6, Queen's Road, Broadstairs.
Huntley, Donald, of 94, Margate Road.
Knight, Howard, of 7, Alliance Road.
Knight, Edward, of 7, Alliance Road.
Lambert, Robert, of 73, Thanet Road.
Laurence, Walter, 66, Percy Road.
Liddie, Alfred, of 34, Camden Square.
Lurcook, J, (jun), employee of the Gas and Water Department.
Lucas, Alfred Edwin, of 82, Boundary Road.
Mayes, Arthur, of 65, Thanet Road.
Medhurst, Mabel, of 13, Station Approach Road.
Narramore, Arthur, of Malvern House, Albion Road.
Penrice, William, 95, Margate Road.
Philpott, Rose, of 65, Winstanley Crescent.
Read, Thomas Henry, of 17, Cottage Road.
Robins, Kathleen, of 22, Bradley Road.
Stevenson, W. of 8, Central Road.
Stead, William, of 36, Park Road.
Vasey, John, of 30, Hibernia Street.
Warden, Mary, of 27, Woodford Avenue.
Warden, Doris, of 27, Woodford Avenue.
Woodward, John, of 6, Plains of Waterloo.
Woodward, Ronald, of 6, Plains of Waterloo.

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Re: Air raid on Ramsgate 24th August 1940
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Thanet Advertiser - Friday 06 September 1940



Famous Journalist Announces the Casualties

The famous American reporter, Mr. H. R. Knickerbocker, a journalist with an international reputation and world-wide experience, has told readers in the United States that the air raid on Ramsgate on 24th August was the world's worst assault by air. Mr. Knickerbocker is the first journalist who has been permitted to state that the casualties caused in the raid were not more than 28 killed and 45 injured.

Commenting on the fact that 1,222 houses were damaged, he added "This is the largest number of houses ever destroyed in any single raid anywhere in history."

Having visited every port from Margate to Portsmouth and obtained a complete panorama of conditions in this most severely assaulted part of England, Mr. Knickerbocker has come to the conclusion that Britain is bleeding but unbowed. After three weeks of the fiercest pounding, he discovered that the harm done to military objectives, dock and harbour facilities was astonishingly small and that the effect on the population had been to enrage and embitter them. "Britain's little man, who has suffered most," he cabled "is to-day the most eager to strike back at the author of all his woes."

Of his findings in individual towns, Mr, Knickerbocker devoted most space to his description of the damage caused at Ramsgate.

"The most impressive sight of the tour," he wrote, as quoted in England by the "Daily Express," "was Ramsgate, a seaside resort innocent of any military objective, but the victim of the war's wort assault by air. It offers proof that air war can, and may, wipe out all our material civilisation above ground, but need not result in much loss of life. It supports the belief that before this war is over tens of millions of inhabitants in this part of the world may be living permanently underground, in probably an extremely low standard, but still carrying on."

Horrifying Swiftness.

Ramsgate's Chief Constable, Mr. S. F. Butler (he proceeds), took us round the city, which looked badly enough damaged but revealed the depth of its wounds only under expert guidance. The horrifying swiftness of air assault was never better demonstrated. In four and a half minutes 50 German bombers dropped 500 110lb. bombs indiscriminately on the residential districts of Ramsgate. They destroyed, entirely or partially, 1,222 houses, nearly all homes of workers and small shopkeepers. This is the largest number of houses ever destroyed in any single raid anywhere in history, although greater monetary damage was done by the Germans on Rotterdam's business centre, and Warsaw suffered more in a series of raids.

If the reader wishes to get an idea what the destruction of 1,222 houses means (continues Mr. Knickerbocker), let him look around his neighbourhood and count the number of homes. He will find that it includes everything in sight in all directions.
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Re: Air raid on Ramsgate 24th August 1940
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The Sphere - Saturday 31 August 1940
"You know, if you don’t read history, you’re a bloody idiot." - James Clavell

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Re: Air raid on Ramsgate 24th August 1940
« Reply #4 on: August 24, 2022, 20:15:09 pm »
Ten years on from when I first posted this and a lot of things have changed.

The tunnels are open to the public and they have relocated and restored the air raid siren that used to stand on the corner of Southeastern Road by Crundalls timber yard.

I went down there this morning as the siren was being sounded to match the times of the raids. This video is from the first one at 10:10am.
I am thankful that I never had to hear this haunting sound used in anger and cannot imagine what people were thinking when they heard it going off..