Bopped on the bonce, Falmer Camp, 1939


Dover Express - Friday 18 August 1939

DOVER OFFICER HIT BY SENTRY. Whilst attached to the 131st Infantry Brigade (T.A.), at Falmer Camp, near Brighton, Lieut. H. G. Herbert, of the R.A.O.C., who, until two months ago was officer in charge of Ordnance Workshops at Dover, was knocked unconscious when a Territorial sentry challenged him in the darkness and hit him on the head with the shaft of a pickaxe. Mr. Herbert was treated for his injuries at the Sussex County Hospital.

It appears that special precautions were being taken at the camp as the Commanding Officer, Brigadier J. S. Hughes, was advised by the Home Office that I.R.A. sabotage might be expected. In addition to the normal guard there were moving guards — "prowlers" — armed with pick-axe shafts. One night Mr. Herbert, in civilian clothes, was walking through the lines when he was challenged and the sentry hearing no reply struck him on the head, knocking him unconscious. A court of inquiry, held at Falmer Camp, considered that there was no blame attaching to anyone.

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Daily Sketch - 18th August, 1939

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