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In the first and second photos of this aircraft the damage would seem to be readily reparairable, however when the airframe was lifted up the severity of the damage to the underside can clearly be seen.
Unfortunately I do not have any information on the crew.

The pictures are MOD copyright.

I have a copy of a picture of XR640 clearly showing the serial number, unfortunately I do not have one of the Sioux. Original source of the picture is unknown.

Gannet AS1 coded 436/B of 817 Sqn RAN took off from RNAS Daedalus on 10th November 1955 with a final destination of RNAS Culdrose, Cornwall. The aircraft was seen to crash into the sea South of Ventnor Coastguard Station during a segment of this flight whilst performing an anti submarine exercise. The three crew, all Royal Australian Navy personnel, were killed.
Lieutenant D Padgett RAN,
Aircrewman NJ Self RAN,
Sub Lieutenant JP van Gelder RAN.

The following has been extracted from the HMAS Melbourne Report of Prceedings Nov/Dec 1955.

Douglas Arthur Thomas Sheldrick
born 1919
resided/buried Cambridge

No 741743
15 service Fts(?)
Training Command
Military Base Middle Wallop, Hants

“Spun Into the Ground At Farley Mount, Hants After A High Speed Stall During A Training Flight”
In 1939 Douglas(13.10.1919) with parents Arthur N(1889) & Susan M M(1889) at 17 Rathmore Rd, Cambridge
He was a Capstan Lathe Hand Also RAFVR No 741743
Father was an Electrical Contractor
This could well have been at leyhouse farm Worth , my father was evacuated there and he talked about a fighter crashing , remembered the pilot being carried away on a door of all things , don’t think he knew his condition though
Airfields & Landing Grounds / Re: Cobnor Aerodrome
« Last Post by mark_tranchant on Yesterday at 17:54:51 »
As I say, I can't supply any more information. Next time I have access to the physical print, I'll double-check but as I remember there is nothing written on it.

I concur that this is a Caudron G.2 sesquiplane, and if I'm right about that *and* Cody, that puts a very tight timeframe on its date.

No rigour behind the Cody ID: just looks very much like him (attached) and right sort of place and time.

Recognise it doesn't directly help with your Cobnor quest, but thought it might be of peripheral interest.

I did look into Virgilio myself many years ago, but drew a blank.
Social History / Re: Pronunciation
« Last Post by PNK on Yesterday at 17:19:02 »
One of the bus conductors on the 161 from Woolwich in the sixties use to shout "eye-reeees" which I assumed was his version of "hold tight please".  We always assumed he was an ex-army type as his cap had a long peak which was tilted lower than normal rather like I imagined the Guards or MP's had, in films at least. I also wondered if he was an NCO, used to getting his own way.

Odd to think that many of the older conductors probably served in the war and most will probably be over a hundred years old if they are still alive. My first boss in the Civil Service would be 120 years old by now!
Airfields & Landing Grounds / Re: Cobnor Aerodrome
« Last Post by pomme homme on Yesterday at 17:11:47 »
Welcome to the forum, Mark, and thank you for posting that photograph.

It's not easy to identify the aeroplane behind the people. Head on views are always difficult, even when not partially obscured. However I'd hazard a guess that it is an early model Caudron.

Do you know where the photograph was taken? In view of what I say below, perhaps it was taken at Hendon?

Can you say why you believe S.F.Cody to be the man of the left hand side of the photograph? It certainly looks like him. But if it is him then, having regard to the fact that he was killed on 7 August 1913, the photograph cannot have been taken at Cobnor because it must pre-date the creation of the aerodrome by at least 2-3 years.
Indeed - the pilot was killed. Sergeant 565344 Bernard James Spencer, buried in Dursley Cemetery, Gloucestershire.
Airfields & Landing Grounds / Re: Cobnor Aerodrome
« Last Post by mark_tranchant on Yesterday at 15:26:03 »
Very late to the game here. The listed secretary of Virgilio, Mr E J Tranchant, is my great-grandfather, who lived south of Chichester. I can't give you any more information, I'm afraid but I do have the attached photo. We think that the chap on the right is my great-grandfather, otherwise we're not sure why it's in the collection. I have my suspicions that the chap on the left is S F Cody, but the aircraft looks very like a Caudron G.2 which was only launched around the time of Cody's death in August 1913.
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