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Ill fitting handcuffs
« on: August 11, 2023, 09:26:22 am »
On Thursday afternoon week, a prisoner who had the cuffs on one hand only, leaped out of a railway carriage while pass- ing through a tunnel near Lewes, in Sussex, and was not missed by the policeman, who was with him in the carriage, until the train got out of the tunnel, the prisoner managing to get clear off. On Saturday week a small but heavy parcel was received by the constable Furminger, from whose capture the prisoner had escaped, addressed to Furminger, at Three Bridges Station. On the parcel being delivered, and sixpence for carriage having been duly paid, Mr. Furminger opened it with considerable curiosity, when he discovered a pair of handcuffs, with a polite intimation from his runaway prisoner that he had, with many thanks, returned the bracelets," which were rather too small," a matter, however, which he, the runaway, had no doubt they could make all right the next time they met." Poor Furminger's mortification was intense.

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Re: Ill fitting handcuffs
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The escape artist was one Richard Agate, a bricklayer who was employed on railway works. He was eventually caught, and received a sentence of four years penal servitude for his original crime, which was stealing a leather strap.
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