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Carrier Pigeons 1885
« on: November 26, 2023, 14:20:50 pm »
PIGEON EXPERIMENTS AT DOVER REVIEW. Some interesting experiments with carrier pigeons were carried out at the Dover review by Captain Allett, instructor in fortifications at the Royal Military College, Sandhurst. The experiments were made between the two forces on Sunday and Monday in unfavourable weather. The work done by the pigeons may be summarised as follows On Sunday morning a message was sent from the English force at Brighton to the officer in charge of pigeon communications at Dover, reporting that on Saturday afternoon the enemy had been met on the Downs near Stanmer-park, and totally defeated. A reply by telegram was sent the same afternoon. On Monday two birds arrived at Dover, both having been liberated at Brighton in the morning. The officer commanding the English troops at Dover was in- formed that the British forces are rapidly concentrating near Falmer; also that "the enemy, 7000 strong; are in position on Newmarket Down." Owing to the stormy weather, these two birds were nearly four hours on the road. This is the first occasion on which pigeons have been used in connection with military operations in England, though in continental nations a corps of trained pigeons is part of the military establishment.

Aberystwyth Observer  April 4 1885

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