Author Topic: court Martial of Lieutenant Cornelius Lascelles RN Sheerness 1812  (Read 118 times)

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Naval Court Martial.-On Monday a Court Martial was assembled on board his Majesty's ship Raisonable, in Sheerness harbour, whereof Captain Fellowes, of the Conqueror, was President. The Court proceeded to try Lieut. Cornelius Lascelles, on the under-mentioned charges exhibited against him by Alexander Rennie, captain of the Trinculo brig, viz.— For a violation of the 2. 3d and 27th Articles of War, and for being of a combination against his Captain." The Court were of opinion, that the whole of the charges against the prisoner were proved, and did therefore adjudge the said Lieutenant Cornelius Lascelles to be dismissed from his Majesty's service, and rendered in- capable for ever of serving his Majesty, his heirs, and successors.

Carmarthen Journal 15 February 1812
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