Author Topic: HMS Wellesley (1815) - sunk by German bombing in 1940  (Read 124 times)

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HMS Wellesley (1815) - sunk by German bombing in 1940
« on: December 29, 2023, 18:04:28 pm »
HMS Wellesley (built Bombay, 1815) was sunk at anchor in the Thames at Denton, below Gravesend, on 24 September 1940. She sank because she was bombed, by a Luftwaffe Dornier Do.17, in an air raid. The bombing caused substantial damage to the ship and, as a result of this, she sank. Thus, it is claimed, she has the dubious honour of being both the last British Ship of the Line to be sunk and the only one to have been sunk as a result of an air raid (I suppose this depends on how 'sunk' and 'air raid' is defined - in the Falklands War HMS Ardent, Antelope, Coventry and Sir Galahad were all ultimately sunk as a result of bombs dropped, as opposed to missiles launched, by Argentinian aircraft). She was then on loan from the Admiralty to the London School Ships Society. She was raised, in 1948, and beached at Tilbury, where she was broken up. Her figurehead is now on display at Chatham dockyard.